The Befitting Marketing for An Emerging Luxurious Yacht Chartering Service

Vangohh Seafarer is a luxury yacht chartering service that consists of a crew of professionals in tailoring all kinds of events to fulfill the client’s highest expectations. It is a new and emerging brand in Penang, serving mainly sophisticated upper middle classes. The Vangohh Seafarer management wishes to increase their brand awareness as well as acquire leads through social media.


Vangohh Seafarer lacks a set of comprehensive marketing collaterals that reflects their professional services. It needs help in managing its social media accounts and running digital marketing campaigns.


Our team at Emanon planned to achieve the client’s goal in two phases. The first phase is producing the marketing collaterals and digital assets required for social media and digital marketing campaigns; while the second phase is to manage its social media accounts and run a digital marketing campaign.

The marketing collaterals that fit Vangohh Seafarer’s business comprises of a sales folder with leaflets of their food menu, a set of presentation slides, banners, and flyers for roadshows as well as a digital invitation card for prospectus clients to attend their events. We did a photoshoot and produce a 2-minute video that will be utilized for facebook ads in phase 2.

Once the foundation is set, we work on social media management to increase the brand’s online presence. Vangohh Seafarer's Facebook page looks as professional as their crew and services.

After that, we shifted to phase 2, where the team at Emanon planned a leads generation campaign on Facebook that leads to a customized landing page and ends with the leads form. An accurate key message across the whole campaign funnel was crafted to attract high-quality leads.


Vangohh Seafarer’s marketing team is ever more confident while engaging its customers with the set of marketing collaterals that radiates luxury and professionalism. The digital marketing campaign has generated quality leads for the business.

0.33 Cost Per Click (MYR)