Value of Automation in the Legal Profession

Gibb & Co is one of the longest servicing advocate & solicitor in Malaysia. 


Creating documents, especially legal documents has been one of the biggest workloads in most legal firms. This usually results in a large number of paper documents that often require plenty of physical storage space that can be very costly. 

This, however, may not be the biggest challenge. Since legal firms are often required to create a large amount of repetitive yet similar documents, the job can be mundane and it often resulted in errors in documents that were done manually. 

Having identified the challenge, the team of Gibb & Co approached Emanon to explore a possible solution to address these challenges. 


Having gone through several consultations, our consultant and solution architect proposed a document platform that allows the creation of document templates with dynamic content such as recipients and case information. 

Instead of working on each document file manually, one at a time. Now the team at Gibb & Co only has to manage the recipients and cases with the web-based portal provided. Documents can be easily and accurately generated by selecting the correct recipient and case information and choosing the desired template. 

A file manager was also built into the platform, allowing the working team to easily manage, retrieve any generated documents on-demand. They can choose to print the document only when required, thus largely reducing the storage space required. 

As these documents are private and confidential, serious security measures have been adopted. On top of industry-standard securities measure like CSRF forgery & XSS cross-site scripting prevention, strong password combination, and hashing, we have also implemented service isolation with firewall and fixed IP whitelisting. 


With the solution implemented, the firm has been able to achieve 100% accuracy on representation letters generated for their clients. While accuracy was a big success, the more meaningful win for the team is the removal of a mundane, low-value workload. The team can now focus their efforts on higher-value, higher-impact tasks. The firm also saw a reduction of paper consumption and storage space. This is definitely a good example of leveraging technology to bring meaningful impact to an organization. 

100% Accuracy on Representation Letters